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Manson was eager for a local bank when the Manson Bank was organized. The Stockholders met on June 28, 1933 to complete the organization and name the directors and officers. Manson State Bank opened on Saturday July 22, 1933. A. E. Peterson was elected President, G. L. Scoles, cashier and C. E. Kindall, assistant cashier.

The bank was bought by Gene and Jane Youell in 1965. Roger Loerch joined the staff as president in 1975. In 1986 Roger Loerch purchased controlling interest in the bank from Mrs. Jane Youell after Gene's death in 1984. Deborah Loerch became president in 2005.

Manson State Bank
1001 Main Street
Manson, Iowa 50563
Phone: (712) 469-3355

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