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Certificate of Deposit
Manson State Bank strives to maintain the most competitive rates available. Our Certificates of Deposit are designed to give a short-term or long-term investment choice. Whatever your goal, from saving for a new car, or for retirement, we can help you find the certificate right for you.

Traditional IRA
You are eligible for a contribution if you have not reached the age of 70 this year, and you have an earned income. You have until the due date for filing your Federal Tax Return, normally April 15th, to establish your IRA for the previous tax year. In general, you may deduct most or all of your contribution on your income tax return.

Roth IRA
You may make contributions within limits with after-tax dollars. That is, no tax deduction up front for the contribution, however the earnings realized by the Roth IRA are not taxed. You are eligible to make contributions even though you are age 70 or older.

Coverdell Education Savings Account
The purpose is to give people a tax-advantaged savings vehicle for college expenses. The funds contributed to the account are considered a gift to a beneficiary for qualified higher education expenses.

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